I apologise if this has been raised in another thread - I'm sure it probably has but the nature of problem is such that it would be impossible to search the forums for it (because words like "download" and "installation" are so frequent!)

I have a computer that came with Windows 8 installed. We are unable to install any downloaded programs, regardless of whether they come from the App Store or from anywhere else (or from installation CDs for that matter). When I try to run a download from the Downloads folder, the prompt comes up asking if I'm sure and when I click Yes, nothing happens. When I try to download software from the App Store, the window suggests that the program is installing and then nothing happens. When I try to install software from a disc... nothing happens.

I am running these programs as the administrator. Anybody have any ideas? I know a lot of people on the Microsoft website were asking this, but nobody has come forward to help us!