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Viewing External Drive Photos

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    Viewing External Drive Photos

    I am trying to view photos on my external drive, which is connected.

    I am unable to view them the same as I could in WIN XP and VISTA.

    I have tried WINDOWS EXPLORER and navigated to the folder of my photos on external hard drive, opened library and clicked EASY ACCESS, and INCLUDE IN LIBRARY cannot be CLICKED.

    How can I view my external drive photos the same as I did in WIN XP and VISTA.

    At present moment I can only view one photo at a time, and this OS is messy, time consuming, and not user-friendly.

    I don't have the functions I had in WIN XP and VISTA to rename, edit, crop, or fix or resize or turn or anything.

    Why is this so?

    I downloaded ESSENTIALS, all to no avail.

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    if you have Essentials, it means you have Photo Gallery which can do all those editing things.

    you also still have Windows Photo Viewer in Win8, just like Vista. so you can always use that just like before.
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    Thanks mate, I am a WIN XP and VISTA user, and this WIN 8 is a drag and frustrating. I just want my old WIN start up back and to get rid of that stupid symbolic screen that is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics

    This WIN8 has it's mind of it's own, and it really gripes me off that I know longer have any control of my computer.

    Anyway, you reply hasn't answered my problem, because I haven't had WIN 7.

    When I finally find Control Panel, and open up my external drive, and go to my pictures and open up a folder, and then a photo, I could then browse through the photos using the left or right hand drive click, and could go through all the photos.

    But, this WIN 8, I click a photo, it appears in the symbolic modes of sophistication and I cannot continue going through the other photos on the folder. I can only do it one at a time.

    So much for progress, an 18 year old must have developed WIN 8.
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    I know how you feel, Confused, because I recently had occasion to work with some important photos . . . but don't worry, even though you've never used Windows 7, it's just a very good upgrade to Vista. I beta tested both.

    Go here: Windows Essentials - Download Windows Live Essentials

    Windows Live Essentials has been renamed to Windows Essentials. There you'll download the "wlsetup-web". Save it to wherever you save your downloads; I save mine to my storage drive which has folders named for each type of download, i.e. Browsers, Office Programs, Graphics Programs, etc. I created a folder named Windows Essentials and downloaded the "wlsetup-web" file into it.

    Next, open the folder and double-click "wlsetup-web" to start the installation. You will see several apps available for installation. Choose only those you want on your computer; I chose Photo Gallery and Writer (word processor for blogs).

    Photo Gallery will let you go through your photos the way you want to, not the way you've seen them so far.

    Yeah, I'm glad you asked your question because it prompted me to find Windows Essentials and install the Photo Gallery once again without having to go to a full-blown graphics program like PaintShop Pro X4, which is a little cumbersome.
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    Thank you!

    I can view my photos in "c/My Pictures", but I have all my photos stored on an external drive "f/My Pictures", and not on "C". This is where the problem is, as I cannot view all of my photos on my external drive. I click onto a photo, but I can't parade through them like you can on "C", even though the screen is one of those symbolic screens that serve no purpose whatsoever, and is nothing like in WIN XP and Vista. There are no TOOLS functions for correction or modification, such as: FIX, Delete, Attach, Email, etc.

    I can't even attach files or photos to my Hotmail emails. I click the "attach files" on Hotmail and nothing happens.

    Any idea how to overcome the other problem when "attaching files"?

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    Wow! Photo Gallery won't even look at my external drive!

    However, when I open StorageDrive, drill down to the photos I want to look at, I can see them. I just opened a photo and Windows 8 told me I have a better program to view with. I clicked on it and Photo Gallery showed up. Clicked on that and now when I click on a pic on StorageDrive, it comes up in Photo Gallery and all is well.
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    I just made another discovery! With Photo Gallery open, right click on "All photos and videos". Click "Include a folder in the gallery". Now, go to your external drive and folder you want to include. Voila!

    At least it worked for me.
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Viewing External Drive Photos
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