Looking at the list of net connections using 'Netstat Ėban' from the command prompt, I noticed that explorer.exe permanently lists two connections, which are for the Weather app (the only live tiles I have on the Start Screen are weather ones).

It seems as though explorer.exe establishes a connection with Akamai (hosted on my ISPís servers), downloads a png weather icon and text for the current weather conditions (cloudy, rain, temp, etc), but doesnít actually close the connection afterwards. The connections stay in ESTABLISHED status for a long time, after which they eventually change to CLOSE_WAIT status and stay in this state indefinitely.

After receiving the weather data, it seems as though my PC sends a ACK+FIN (Acknowledge, Finish) message to the server, and the server just responds with RST (Reset), they do this a few times until the server just stops replying. Iím not a TCP expert, so does anyone know why the connection isnít being closed after itís received the weather data?

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