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Play back issue with legacy drivers

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    Play back issue with legacy drivers

    I have a Dell e1505 laptop that uses ATI x1300 mobility graphics. The card is so old that it doesn't have any windows 8 drivers and AMD stop supporting it years ago. You can however find Vista driver for it and it works in windows 8. I managed to get it installed and it works great or so I thought.

    When I attempt to play the netflix app, it fails with a W8518. When I attempt to play back a protected video or any sort of music or video I purchased from the Microsoft store, I get a 0xc00d11d1 error when you play it back. You may also see this with Hulu plus app.

    What seems to be happening is when you run those app, it check if your video and audio drivers are WHQL certified for windows 8. If they are not, then they fail. The Vista x1300 drivers were probably WHQL Certified for vista, but not for windows 8. The reason for the WHQL appears to be for DRM playback of protected content. A certification would indicate the DRM components are in place. However, the same DRM component also exists in Vista driver, but the app won't use it because it's not windows 8 certified. As a consequence, while Microsoft will allow you to use legacy non-windows 8 drivers, you're barred from drm protected content on the Microsoft store.

    There are workarounds:
    • Netflixs and Hulu Plus can be accessed through the web browser.
    • If you purchase a movie or music and and you can't play it due to 0xc00d11d1 error, you can install Zune and use that to play back the protected content.

    My solution is not to buy any movie or music through the Microsoft store.


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    IF you use IE and go to the Windows Update Catalog, install the app, and do a search on "ATI mobility x1300", you will see a list of drivers, of which the top two are for Win7. You should try those and see if they work for you.
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    All of the x1300 drivers are for Vista or Windows 7. The windows 7 driver will not work. Unless the driver is Windows 8 specified, playback of DRM content will fail.

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Play back issue with legacy drivers
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