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    Win 10, and pretty much every Windows system ever

    I just wanted to thank everyone for the discussion. My wife's computer has Windows 8, and neither of us have been able to use it in the 5ish years or so we've had it. My dad has the same problem, and both of my daughters recently got computers with Windows 10 (on my recommendation - ouch!), and they can't use theirs. I had seen a couple of videos online showing that Windows 10 had a selection option for using classic versions of the desktop and browser, and I saw a computer at Best Buy running Windows 10 and that had the classic start button and classic browser, so I thought they were standard options. Thus the recommendation to my kids, and the current Alienware laptop I'm typing this on. I minored in computers and basic programming at Ohio State, and my IQ stands at 142, so I'm not saying this mildly when I say that Windows 8 and 10 are garbage code. I don't understand them at all, and when I found out Win 10 (at least on my computer) had no option for classic view, I was nerd-raging pretty hard. I can't believe this is the direction Microsoft has gone with their OS, and I personally don't know anyone that I can say likes it or understands it. Useless doesn't even begin to cover it. So finding this topic has reassured me a little, and I am thankful to the original poster and each and every responder. I don't like using a secondhand shell on my OS, but Microsoft has given me no choice., as they refuse to give their customers a workable solution, or even a response on their feedback page. Help has been non-existent. I think Wal-Mart has better customer service. So thank you, one and all. I look forward to any more reviews.

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    DrMichaelUSMC: Replying because the other part of this thread is quite old now, and the software landscape has changed a LOT in the intervening years.

    StarDock now has Start10 but it's only available at present from Object Desktop subscribers. They made Start8 available for$5, so they are likely to do the same with Start10 down the road. You should look for that if you're interested.

    There is Classic Shell and StartIsBack for Win10, but there are other Win10 start menu providers, as well.

    I was a Win10 Windows Insider and alienated quite a few Win10 forum MS-fans when I expressed my strong objection to the direction that MS took in making the new Start Menu a small version of the Start Screen. What we don't need in Win10 is TWO screens with tiles in them.

    Over time, I've grown accustomed to the MS Start Menu. But ... when Start10 gets out of Beta, I'm going to switch over to using it -- as they have a really great product there.
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iobit StartMenu8 v ClassicShell
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