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Major problems in all parts of Windows 8

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    Windows 8

    Major problems in all parts of Windows 8

    This all started when I was trying to connect my Lumia 900 to Zune in Windows 8. I already had Zune installed and it had worked fine before, even connecting my phone worked before. I connected my phone and it wouldn't connect, basic troubleshooting, check drivers, uninstall and update drivers. Whoa. After uninstalling the drivers now they wouldn't update. I get the error "The data is not valid". Tried troubleshooting this, did lots of things, but none of them worked finally it came down to uninstalling and reinstalling Zune. Uninstall Zune, now it won't reinstall. I get the error

    >Setup must stop because the package 'Zune' didn't install.
    >Error code: 0x8007000d
    >Zune Support | Can

    I go to that website and follow all the instructions (as much as I can, because most of it doesn't apply to me) and I try the Fix it and of course that doesn't work because I have Windows 8. I follow the link How to get the latest version of the Windows Update Agent and try to do stuff there, but there is nothing for Windows 8 and no instructions to even follow.

    I tried hundreds of other ways to get Zune to install, but I can't. Finally I give up. I just ignore the problem and hope I can come back to it later. I open TapTiles and try to sign in to the Xbox service and it gives me the error

    >A connection to Xbox could not be established. Please check your internet connection and try again.

    I click the little xbox icon to go to xbox games and try to sign in there.

    >>Sign in
    >Please try again. If the problem continues, visit Welcome to Xbox Support - to check for guidance.
    >>more info
    >>Tell Microsoft about this problem
    >>0xc00d11cd (0x8007426)

    I initially had not tried to sign into Xbox so we'll come back to this error later.

    I try to troubleshoot the sign in problem and some people suggest resetting the windows password would help. This was from a Microsoft forum moderator and they supplied the Windows password reset link. I go and reset my password. I have a new password now, but when I restart my computer, I can't use the new password (I thought that logging into windows was dependent on your Microsoft account password, because we use microsoft account's to sync everything).
    I give up on this too. It's been too much work. So now I'm just looking around and I try to download an app from the Windows Store. Dropbox

    >Your purchase couldn't be completed
    >Something happened and your purchase couldn't be completed
    >> Try again cancel

    I go to Settings and go to "Your account" and I'm not signed in. I try to sign in and it just flickers and doesn't sign me in. I have no clue what to do now. I might come back to this xbox error later tonight, but I'm all out of ideas. I really don't want to reinstall Windows 8, because I don't have a disk drive so I'd have to install from usb and redownload Windows 8 from dreamspark. If anyone could help that would be great.

    Oh and I ran windows update, and I also ran DISM.exe with /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth and /restorehealth. I tried enabling .net 3.5 in "Turn windows features on or off" and many other things. I'm at my wits end here.

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    You can try Refresh, if you willing to lose all programs that are installed by download or medias.
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    Windows 8

    What is refresh? I've never heard of that before.
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    Refresh can be best explained by the following llink:

    Windows 8 Refresh: A great feature, if you know the limitations | Microsoft windows - InfoWorld

    If you want to refresh Windows 8, the following tutorial shows you how:

    Refresh Windows 8
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    Thank you! I'll try the Refresh as soon as I can.
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Major problems in all parts of Windows 8
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