All my pc specs are at my profile. With the Xoom Tablet and my old XP the tablet program File Manager HD works great. I had it working with my new HP Pavilion 23 desktop but then I had to do a REFRESH. Now I'm having trouble sharing. I have tried all sorts of easy permissions and file sharing just to get it to work. Within File Manager HD when I Click on MULTI and then select the 3 files, ( in this case several 3gp files and then CLICK on MOVE within FM HD it shows some weird files that I guess is supposed to be my desktop pc but strange folders. C, C$ but does not show my documents, pictures, video folders etc. I can't get to a personal space where the user would be my name. After I did the REFRESH on the new Windows8 I also chose to make the pc logon with an MS account. I don't know if that's where I screwed up or not. Everyone was saying I should use it with an MS Account to get all the benfits. If you have any help I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanks! jack

Bottom line the File Manager program still works great with the XP machine, all and any files will transfer back and forth.
Bottom line the File Manager program seems to hiccup with Windows 8. What have I not done to establish the network connection that usually works to transfer files? I appreciate any help! Thanks!