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    I am currently working as a captionist and am planning to make a transition to general transcribing. I've been reading the threads here and have not seen this topic covered. Where I caption, we use voice recognition software while listening to audio. We use a pause pedal and correct errors as we go. Our minimum acceptable time is about 130 wpm. From what I understand, the speed requirement for transcribing is about 50 wpm (at least on job descriptions I've seen so far) I type 60 wpm. So, even with having to go back and make sure the spelling and grammar was perfect (not something I have to be concerned about at my current job; minor errors are ok and punctuation is not used)... wouldn't using a Voice Recognition software still be faster than just typing? Would transcription companies frown on that, or would they care? Another question that came to my mind just now; where I work, we have to have a low error rate, our score has to be above 90%. (my average is 97%) What is the general acceptable error rate for transcribing? I appreciate you taking time to read, and appreciate this forum. There's so much helpful info here!

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    whenever I ever had to transcribe, I first send the audio through the speech recognition program. and after that's done, I go back and play the audio interview and then fix up the mistakes that the program made. I find this more efficient and faster than just typing everything from the beginning. the problem with typing on the fly is if you have to type things verbatim, typing on the fly is a little problematic. because what ends up happening is you end up making "corrections" to what the person said which may not be completely accurate to what he actually said. And you may make these corrections unconsciously.

    He may say, "You think that he was kind of maybe exaggerating what he is saying?"
    But you end up typing, "You think that he was maybe kind of exaggerating what he was saying?"

    It all depends on how accurate you want to be. I don't think any company cares how you do it. Just do it well.
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    I believe you need high accuracy but that is not very feasible when you are doing it with software. Dragon is the most commonly used but cant be taken for professional purposes. There are services available, Speech To Text - Audio transcription service is one that I have used for my seminars and webinars. It's the cheapest around I guess. But the auto transcription is certainly not the one that can be relied upon.

    Windows 8 does have a speech to text utility but if you need high accuracy, you cant do without human transcription.
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Audio Transcription
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