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Facebook status: online

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    Facebook status: online

    I appear online on Facebook all day when my windows 8 is switched on. I turn it off and it automatically gets online.
    Went to messages in the metro and set the status to invisible. Do you also have this issue?

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    Yes...this is normal behavior since you signed in with a MS account and let it sync up with FB and Messeger. It will show you online all day every day, nature of the beast sort of thing. Just unsync it with FB and you should be good to go.

    1. Sign in to Windows Live Profile page:
    2. Click Facebook, click Remove this connection completely.
    3. Click Remove button in confirmation window.
    But if you still want to have your accounts connected, please note that all events that are from both accounts will be in the Calendar App.
    Please perform these recommended steps, review the additional information provided and post back if you are still experience the issue. I will be glad to provide you with additional options available that you can utilize to get this resolved.
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    Nah! Dont want to remove it either! I don't understand when I kept it on invisible, why am I still online.
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    Your still online just that no one can see you....hence the term being invisible.
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Facebook status: online
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