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    Windows 8 Music App Playlists

    Anyone else having random playlist activity in the music app, I have 344 playlists in the playlist folder in My Music library with desktop Windows Media player dectects and plays correctly. In the music app, sometimes the playlists are all there and play, sometimes there all there and don't all play, sometimes there's a 100 extra playlists, sometimes there are duplicates, sometimes there's too few it all seems a little strange.

    Where are the playlists stored for the music app?, if I could select all the playlists together I would delete them all but you can't and I don't want to spend hours deleting each one and importing them for it to throw another wobbly!!

    Anyone else ?



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    That app works on my nerves after not wanting to play on double-click anymore.

    Then I installed some updates and It's still the same.
    One other bug is that it starts playing the same song again when switching from Desktop to the app.

    I didn't even tried playlists with this one.

    Just try to keep it up to date as they will fix most of the discovered issues.
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Windows 8 Music App Playlists
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