In searching via Google, I see some programs available for merging/joining MP3 files, but the claims I see are for fast conversions, and I would like to ensure quality. I am also willing to rip CDs again, if I can get what I need.

My plan is to merge a few entire albums together, and then modify the ID tag (possibly in a different program) to reflect the album/piece name instead of an individual track title. The reason I would like this is that there are certain albums I would like to hear all together whenever they play in the car or elsewhere. For example, Pink Floyd's "The Wall" or Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" I believe are better listened to in order (along with several others).

This should also shorten the load time for the USB drive every time I start the car... since it seems to check all directories every time I start the car, or switch to USB mode on the stereo.

Virtually all of my tracks on my Windows 8 PC are encoded at the same settings (and everything on each album should definitely be encoded the same way), so I guess recoding isn't necessary, so a fast program might work fine if the quality is maintained.

Also, since I will probably only use this for a couple of dozen albums and never need it again, free or inexpensive would be nice.

Any comments or suggestions?