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Windows MovieMaker--How to play photos on TV

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    Windows MovieMaker--How to play photos on TV

    I want to use moviemaker to create a disc composed of photos (no videos) that will play on my TV. Is this possible?

    I can create an .mp4 file and it plays okay on my computer but I fail at making a DVD (CD actually) which will play on my TV using my Sony DVD player. When copying the file to the CD I know to use the Mastering option, but my DVD player tells me it cannot read or write to the disk.

    What am I failing to do to get a disc that will play on my TV?

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    I use a program called DVD Styler that allows me to add clips, such as your picture .mp4 file to then burn onto an actual playable disc. But it sounds like you just want to play the images. Check your DVD player but most let you show JPEGs and some other file types on the player, and certain players even have a usb port to plug directly into, so try simply burning the images onto a closed disc, or putting them on a flash drive if your player has a USB port and viewing them.

    Otherwise DVDStyler - Free DVD Authoring Application is where the program is to let you burn a movie disc. I hope these solutions help!
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Windows MovieMaker--How to play photos on TV
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