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sticky memo note pads

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    sticky memo note pads

    I am new to windows 8 - i got a new laptop with it so it wasn't my chocie

    Among many things, there is one thing that makes me cry. Lack of those sticky notepads on the desktop. I always had them in windows 7 and I really miss them and I can't find anything like that for Windows 8.
    I downloaded several apps for that from windowsstore but they don't allow you to 'stick' them on normal desktop. They work only on that weird desktop and you have to enter the app to see your notes. Not very usefull.
    So I was wondring if anyone here can help me with that

    Is there any way you can have a sticky notes on normal screen, just like in windows 7 ?

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    exactly what do you use the sticky notes for? there are many to do apps in the Windows Store. as well as more traditional sticky type notes. for many of the apps, you can pin the stickies to the start screen. you don't have to launch the app to see the notes.

    for a to-do list, I have a very basic one called to-dos. it's very small and light but it let's you see your to-dos from the start screen without opening the app.
    there are lots of them out there but this one does what I need so I just kind of stuck by it even though it is very plain.

    for sticky note type apps:

    I like Sticky Tiles. You can have either a small tile or a full size tile for your sticky. It lets you do multiple colors as well as multiple styles. And the pins look great on the start screen. The only negative I saw was that once you choose your sticky's size, you can't later change it. You can only choose the size of the sticky at the creation of the note.

    Memo Stick
    is pretty good. it has a cork board screen to pin multiple stickies of different colors. and then you can also pin these stickies to the start screen. not only does it let you pin individual stickies, but its main app is a live tile that'll rotate through your stickies. the only negative is the font for the pinned stickies on the start screen can be too small depending on the resolution of the screen.

    there's task which has a single screen that looks like a cork board where you pin stickies to. but there's no start screen stickies though.

    there's abcNotes which lets you have multiple desktops and you can move sticky notes between desktops very easily. let's say a note is the highest priority so you move it to the first desktop. then its priority drops so you move it to your 5th desktop.

    there's sticky ideas. this is not a typical sticky notes app. it's more what it says it is. it's for projecting planning and ideas. you can create a sticky. and then when you open it up, you have a board to plant more stickies. you can nest them and do other things.

    Click image for larger version
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    Thanks for the advice! unfortunately I don't like the windows 8 start screen and i never use it so these apps are not very helpful as they wont showon 'normal' desktop. But i really appreciate the help
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    Sticky Notes

    Sticky Notes still exists in Windows 8. Its in the Windows directory/system32/stikynot.exe

    My problem is that I used it fine for a couple of weeks then one day I rebooted and the notes were gone. Can't bring them back no how.
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    Check this website out, 8gadgetpack gives you the sidebar back including gadgets, I use the note gadget for my desktop. I'd be lost without it!

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    Well here they are pinned to my taskbar and I am about as green as they come

    Search " sticky notes" pin to taskbar.
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    Exactly Dellboy that's what I did. I found they are in the system32 folder and i just attached them to my taskbar and my start menu because I have that 'startisback' also. I just don't know why I lost the sticky notes I had already done on my desktop. They just disappeared and i can't bring them back any way at all that I know of.
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    Thanks for the tip Tony but I don't want all that crap on my desktop...its bad enough with the windows charm bar opening every time you get close to the corner.
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    You can chose what to have, you could just have the note gadget, it's always on the desktop and Windows key and G will bring it to the front.

    Click image for larger version
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    Ok thanks Tony. I'll have a look at it.
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sticky memo note pads
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