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How to install an external software from Panasonic

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    How to install an external software from Panasonic

    I bought a Digital Video Camera from Panasonic and need to install they software on my Windows 8.
    However this is the message I receive:
    the Os or Serving pack (SP) is not supported by this application softwre. Even if the software is installed the application may not operate correctly.

    Is they a way around to do it and how?


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    You could try using explorer to log install CD going to the (setup or install) executable file
    And right hand click on it select (Properties) then go to (compatibility) tab
    Then check the compatibility mode (checkbox) for XP mode then apply then OK
    Install dune…
    Should work
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    You might get better information from Panasonic.

    What operating system is the software specified to support? Most (not all) software that supports Vista or Windows 7 is likely to work OK under Windows 8. Older software may be less likely to work.
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    windows 8 basics

    Thanks both of you.

    Averchat: I tried your suggestion but cannot do it. Would you please define the procedure in more details. Thanks again.
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    I assume you have a Panasonic CD for the software to install from.
    Don’t let automated install of software use explorer to go to CD
    Look for (exe file extensions) one look for file name (setup.exe)
    or it could have another name but always has file extension exe
    when you find the right file right hand click on it a menu will
    pop up select (Properties) a window will popup there will be
    five tabs at the top select (compatibility) tab then check the
    compatibility mode box (checkbox) for XP mode then apply then OK
    then double click the setup file to run it…
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    To give you some hope, got this 12 years+ old HP scanner (latest driver version: 2001-09-26 !) The driver\setup was at first dismissed, but using the compatibility options it installed and works 100%. Am no w8 fan (the horrible metro stuff...), but I appreciate many of the underlying OS features, getting the old scanner alive was quite impressive.

    Did the same as mentioned in the earlier post, no autorun of the cd\program, open the cd in windows explorer (or in a real filemanager: FreeCommander - freeware file manager ), find the installation program (setup.exe ?) then right click > properties > compatibility > run this program... > Windows XP > Apply. One may try Vista or w7 as well and see what's best. With a little luck + research it'll be fine.
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How to install an external software from Panasonic
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