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Windows 8 and Samsung Easy Settings?

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    Windows 8 and Samsung Easy Settings?

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to run Samsung Easy Settings (the app which controls Fn key funcions, such as brightness and volume adjustment in laptops) under Windows 8 (Pro x64)?I created a similar thread in last november, but the issue is another one now.

    I have a Series 3 notebook and in the drivers/software section in Samsung Support page for my laptop (NP300E4A-BD2BR), however there's no Easy Settings (ES) specific software package for Windows 8, only Windows 7 (both x86 and x64). I can't install Windows 7 ES under 8 because the OS refuses to do so, due to incompatibility.There's an application released by Samsung called "SW Update", which is a driver manager and finder, however, there is still no sight of Easy Settings available for download.

    Due to lack of ES support in Windows 8, I had to revert back to Windows 7 (which I'm running now) , and still can't use Windows 8 because of this.So, do you know if there's another version of Easy Settings which I can install under Window 8?Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Ubuntu2013

    As it happens I have a Samsung NP300E5C. I don't know how similar it is, but the model numbers look similar - in my case it was bought as a Windows 7 laptop, not too long ago.

    I used the SW Update download from the Samsung website which you mention, and went to "All Software" within that tool, where there's a list of various drivers and tools you can install.

    One of the things in SW Update is called "Settings" (perhaps they've renamed Easy Settings), and I think this is the one that reactivated all my Fn-key options. Anyhow these keys all work for me again, and this was on a Clean Install of Windows (wiping the partition etc.) so it didn't keep anything from Windows 7.

    Do you have Settings within SW Update on your PC?

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the answer, DavidY, but can you tell me if turning off touch pad is possible with Settings in Windows 8, or if you are able to see the On Screen Display (OSD) counter when you adjust brightness and volume with "Fn" + F-keys?I'm afraid even if there's a Settings package for Windows 8, Samsung might not have developed all the Fn shortcuts functions yet.I'd be very grateful if you told me if such functionalities are working in Windows 8 with a Samsung series 3 laptop.Thanks for help again.
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    Hi there,

    On my Samsung I have the following:
    <Fn>-<F1>: Brings up the overall Settings application
    <Fn>-<F2>: Lowers brightness, with a little "thermometer" display shown on screen
    <Fn>-<F3>: Raises brightness, display as above.
    <Fn>-<F4>: Brights up Windows' "Second Screen" option on the Right Hand Side of the screen
    <Fn>-<F5>: Disables/ Enables Trackpad. Yes it does work!
    <Fn>-<F6>: Mutes/ Unmutes volume, with a little "thermometer" display shown on screen
    <Fn>-<F7>: Lowers volume, with a little "thermometer" display shown on screen
    <Fn>-<F8>: Raises volume, with a little "thermometer" display shown on screen
    <Fn>-<F11>: Changes the fan "silent mode". (Some modes dim the screen a little, but easier to use <Fn>-<F1> as above to see what's going on)
    <Fn>-<F12>: Toggles Windows "Flight Mode"
    <Fn>-<Insert>: Print Screen

    As far as it can tell, it all seems to work. I didn't use the Windows 7 version much so can't remember what it was like; the only thing I do remember which was different was that <Fn>-<F12> would work Bluetooth and Wireless independently.

    Also perhaps worth mentioning the Mobility Center which seems to be a standard feature common to all Windows 8 installs (<Windows Key>-<X> then select Mobility Center) and also lets you change brightness.

    Obviously yours is a different model so may be different, but mine seems to work OK.

    Hope this helps,
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Windows 8 and Samsung Easy Settings?
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