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Retaing some side gadgets

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    Retaing some side gadgets

    Due to my physical disability I don't like nor use Windows 8 interface, Instead I work straight from the traditional Desktop/task bar. With said, I dearly miss a few of the side gadgets that I had in Windows 7. E.g. the round clock, local temperature, & the calendar. Might there be any way I can get these gadgets back using W8 O/S Upgrade? Thanks in advance!

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    I'm curious.. What sort of disability makes you dislike Windows 8's user interface? I can't think of any disability that would make the start page harder to use than the old start menu, yet I can think of a number of disabilities where the opposite is true.
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    To be quite honest I've really haven't given W8 a chance. I wear a headstick (a baseball hat with a stick) & I peck away at the keys. Also, for years I've be using what is called a Magic Touch Screen which fits over my Notebook computer & is configured to my touch. In all likelihood, if my Magic Touch Screen were to go I might wind up getting myself with W8 application, but can you make things in the Window smaller? And. like when I touch a palate it automatically opens before the tool bar comes up. I don't know, I haven't reallyplayed around with it so I shouldn't say... Any comments on my question?
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    Microsoft's not going to restore gadgets function. they were a major security risk that opened up your computer to exploits. rather than try to fill in all the holes, they're just removing the source of the holes.

    in fact, Microsoft is removing support for gadgets from Windows 7.

    if you're willing to live with the security risks, maybe you can try this:
    Get Your Windows Gadgets Back In Windows 8 What's On My PC
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    I try loading it on my comp, but it's saying I don't have the appropriate permission...?
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Retaing some side gadgets
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