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What version of Microsoft Office do you use?

View Poll Results: What version of Office do you use?

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  • Older than Office XP

    2 3.45%
  • Office XP (Office 2002)

    0 0%
  • Office 2003

    4 6.90%
  • Office 2007

    9 15.52%
  • Office 2010

    23 39.66%
  • Office 2013

    20 34.48%
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    At work we have office 2010. We are not licensed for 2013. At home, I don't use MS Office.

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    Office 2013 Professional Plus at home, Office Pro 2010 at work...
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    I am Woman! Hear Me Roar!
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    Office pro 2010 on one win 8' office pro 2007 on another and office pro 2003 on another
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    Hmm, I noticed this thread is moved...
    Maybe I put this thread on the wrong place, oops, sorry
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    I am using 2010 Pro, downgraded from 2013 Pro. I liked 2013 basically, but OneNote kept interfering with printing. It kept directing me to do SkyThing suff. When it took me longer than 5 minutes to restore simple printing, I uninstalled it. I won't put up with something that is that hard to make a simple change on. And, 2013 had no business disrupting what I was doing to push unwanted things at me. If 2010 every becomes unusable, then I'll go to Open Office. But, I don't see why I can't use 2010 pretty much forever.
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    Earth - I wish I was on Risa
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    I put 2007 because I use that at home alot, but at work I use them all, so I don't know if that is a good vote.

    Older than Office XP
    Office XP (Office 2002)
    Office 2003
    Office 2007
    Office 2010
    Office 2013
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    I was riunning Office 2013 Pro Plus on Win 8 until my system crashed last Saturday night, when I reverted back to my Win7 image and Office 2013 Pro Plus runs well and looks good on this OS also. I had to delete my user profile and then recreate it to use the PST file on the 2TB hard drive (OS and Office are on a 120GB SSD). I recreated the profile and Outlook now sees the data file just fine. The Office apps run fast and no errors, hang-ups or problems at all. Very smooth so far...
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    Office 2003 Professional, because I have it and it still works for my limited uses (primarily Outlook 2003 and MSWord).
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    Quote Originally Posted by fireberd View Post
    Office 2003 Professional, because I have it and it still works for my limited uses (primarily Outlook 2003 and MSWord).
    Do you install the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack?
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    No, I didn't install the compatibility pack.
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What version of Microsoft Office do you use?
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