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IP for Apps Advertisings to block in "hosts" file

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    IP for Apps Advertisings to block in "hosts" file

    Ok so i need the IP Adress the Advertisements are hooking up to so i can block it in the "hosts" file. What IP are all Advertisements from Windows hooling up to so when i open an app i dont get Advertising about this app or that app or so. So my idea is to block it in the "hosts" file in the Windows System.

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    I have been using the hosts file to block sites since Windows XP first came out and have used it ever since on every OS I have owned since then XP,MIlenium,Vista,Windows 7 and 8 now , When I started I had to right click on a banner's I dident like then paste the url into the hosts file eg I would paste into the hosts file. It was very time consumeing even back then. Im not sure how many years ago ( early 2000's ) a program came out that I have been using ever since called hostsman from abelhadigital that takes care of it for you, after installing that you install HostsServer which is located on thier download page to make everthing look nicer. When you are setting up Hostsman you have to go into edit/preferences/system and disable DNS Client services
    to run hostman properly you have to enable run as administrator
    these are my settings for the download's in hostsman (The other downloads are either old or are too aggressive)
    MVPS Hosts
    ******* (partial)
    ******* (add and tracking servers only)
    Malware domain list
    here are a few links to learn more about the hosts file

    HostsMan -
    HostsServer -
    How To Block Websites On Your PC Without Using Software [Windows]
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IP for Apps Advertisings to block in "hosts" file
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