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How to display MS Outlook calender content in Win8 app?

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    How to display MS Outlook calender content in Win8 app?

    Hi guys,

    Win8 newbie here, and a bit of a techno-moron, so please be gentle!

    I have always used the Calendar in MS Outlook as my master agenda, from which I populate my smartphone, tablet pc, etc.

    On the Win8 Start screen there is a Calendar app.

    How do I display the content of my Outlook calendar in the Win8 Start screen app?

    Remember; I need very simple description as I am not in any way techie!

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    Pushing this back up to the top as no one appears to have viewed it and it's disappearing into old pages!

    Anyone got any answers?

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    Hi Cargo. You seem like a nice Chap...
    Ok I can see what you want to do but there is a problem with what you want.
    To access the calendar you have to be using a Hotmail which is connected to

    1. What email address Domain do you have to connect to Hotmail?

    What would be preferred is to have an email address that ends with ( reason is Microsoft are putting their eggs all in one basket and it ends with )

    2. If you have a Hotmail, MSN or Outlook account you can access the Hotmail server and connect with your phone and other devices such as iPad.

    3. As I said earlier the problem occurs when you want to connect outlook (on computer) to Hotmail, I cannot see a way to connect them together from computer to Hotmail but, having said that there is a way to connect Hotmail to Computer if that is acceptable to you.
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    If this is acceptable then you need to do this
    1st access Hotmail

    then click on you calendar (like where mine says Clives calendar)

    Click on 'Edit sharing'
    Capture 1.PNG

    Click on 'add people' ( at the bottom of the window there is a ''Choose how much these people can see and do'' click co-owner )
    Capture 2.PNG

    Then find your personal email address to connect to Outlook (on your computer ) then add it to your calendars on Outlook.
    Voila. If that it the correct term.

    Just a little reminder...
    You can now sync with your iphone, ipad, or Android phone as well. They are all link-able with
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Capture.PNG   Capture 1.PNG   Capture 2.PNG  
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    Thanks for that info, Tarka Dal.

    Unfortunately I am not a Hotmail user or, indeed, supporter!
    So I guess I'll be leaving the Start Screen app simply displaying the date (if I leave on the screen at all) and go into Outlook itself for a more comprehensive view of my planned agenda.
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How to display MS Outlook calender content in Win8 app?
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