So I got a brand new laptop for Christmas and it came installed with Windows 8. The first thing I did was install iTunes without any kind of problem. Well apparently that's the only thing I'm allowed to install.

I have tried since to install Second Life because I wanted to test my graphics card. I also tried to install WinZip to unpack some files I'd transferred from an old computer. I even downloaded WinZip by searching through the Windows Store and going to the recommended site. With both things, I get a pop up asking for permission to make the change. I click yes. ...then nothing happens.

I've restarted and tried to run as Administrator (which my account, being the only one, already is), only to reach the same result.

Starting to get kind of dismayed here as at this rate there's not much my awesome new laptop is going to be able to be used for. :-/ Help of any kind would be greatly appreciated.