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[COLLECTION] Best Basic/Student Programs and Apps

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    [COLLECTION] Best Basic/Student Programs and Apps

    Hoping to get this stickied or something!

    I'm writing this thread purely for the purpose of helping others out, and possibly myself!

    Windows 8 comes with the new Windows App Store, and more compatibility with things, so I thought making a new thread with a list for people might be worthwhile! If you wish to add to the list, feel free to post it and I'll add it to this post.

    Essential Basic Programs for Home:

    •Microsoft Office (2010, 2013)
    •Google Chrome
    •Windows Media Centre
    •Apple iTunes
    •Microsoft Zune
    •Mozilla Firefox
    •Avast! Free Antivirus (possibly obselete due to Windows Defender in Windows 8)
    •to be added•

    Essential Programs for Students:

    •Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus
    •Adobe Creative Suite 6
    •AutoDesk AutoCAD Design and Architectural Edition
    •uTorrent (not for piracy, but for personal LEGAL file sharing)
    •Microsoft Outlook 2013
    •School Helper 2011
    •Google Chrome
    •Apple iTunes
    •Avast! Free Antivirus
    •Google Earth
    •Trackaware Free Edition
    •Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
    •Microsoft Expression Studio 5
    •AutoDesk Revit

    Well, that's what I can think off the top of my head right now! I'll edit this should you wish to contribute or think I've done something wrong.
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    Great post, will be handy for new users !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas View Post
    Great post, will be handy for new users !
    Haha thanks! That's the aim
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[COLLECTION] Best Basic/Student Programs and Apps
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