Windows 8 automatically changes the size of mouse pointers (cursors) depending on DPI settings of display. The relations between DPI and the size of cursors are roughly as follows:
100% : 32x32 pixel
150% : 48x48 pixel
200% : 64x64 pixel

This is done by the OS's selecting one image from multiple images of different sizes contained in a cursor file. The problem is that Windows 8's standard cursor files have only 32x32 pixel and 48x48 pixel images. It will cause, when DPI is set to 200%, an image of smaller size than 64x64 pixel to be stretched and such cursor will show dirty outlines.

This software lets you easily change cursors to high DPI cursors that contain 64x64 pixel images and have similar appearance to default ones. With these cursors, even when DPI is 200%, cursors will look clean and clear.

A Guy