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Original Start Screen Metro Apps Kaput

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    Original Start Screen Metro Apps Kaput

    My original start screen Metro Apps are kaput. They act like they will start, but just sort of flash, etc., and fail to start--including IE. I found a variety of possibly related threads in our forums. Below is info about some of the questions and suggestions that came up in the threads as well as about other matters:

    1. Installed 32-bit Win8 Pro cleanly awhile back using full non-upgrade install disc made from Technet ISO.
    2. The apps used to work as advertised, and i have had zero problems with my install except for the apps.
    3. I have never done anything to UAC registry-wise or in any other way.
    4. I am running BitDefender 2013, and the program has never caused a problem. BitDefender has never found a problem except for cookies, particularly tracking cookies. It isolates them, and I delete them.
    5. Window firewall has never caused a problem.
    6. I searched "everywhere," and I did not find anything that is likely to resolve my problem.
    7. I did an automatic repair and ran sfc /scannow for starters--trying for an easy simple fix.

    At this point, I am not ready to do a refresh, reset, or reinstall since I never use the apps, but I am interested in figuring out how to fix the problem in a hopefully less labor intensive way so that others will have access to the fix. Also, presumably I could fix things using a system restore image, but don't want to go that route unless absolutely necessary.
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    Problem Solved: Backed up all files to external drive since I didn't yet know where I would end up in fixing things. Created new local admin user temporary account. The apps worked. Restarted every time I created or deleted an admin account. Copied everything to the new account. Deleted original local adm account, including user folder in C: > Users (had to take ownership). Created new local admin user account with same name as my original one. Copied everything over. Deleted the temporary account. Tested the apps again. Made new System Image Backup (see sig). Did a little personalization. All is good.

    I am glad I didn't have to use prior system image backups in solving my problem. Not sure how far I would have had to go back to get to where the apps were working properly--since I almost never use the apps. Incidentally, system restore was not an option for me. For some reason, even when my Win8 machine was new, maybe 5-6 years ago, it has never been able to do system restores consistently. Have tried them under Win8 after new partition set up/clean non-upgrade install for Win8--using disc mentioned in prior post.

    My only disappointment, if you can call it that, is that I didn't need to try an "old-fashion" repair install using my disc mentioned in prior post. It should be equivalent to a system builder disc I think. I've been wondering for a long time if either of these disc types can be used to do old-fashion" repair installs." Maybe someday I'll get lucky enough to have to try one.
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Original Start Screen Metro Apps Kaput
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