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How to set default background color for future Word docs??

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    How to set default background color for future Word docs??

    (Word 2010) I found at least half a dozen methods on the Microsoft Forums for changing Word's "Normal Template" and making the changes permanent. It works for the font and margins, but not for the background color. In fact, when I open a new document and go to "Page Layout > Page Color" it shows that the color I want is already selected, and yet the background of the document is still white!

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    Someons came yesterday with that question to me.
    Notice the background is still white in print view. Go to web view or draft and you'll see the change.
    After some research, I discovered that we have to go to options and then advanced. Then, check "Show background colors and images in Print layout view". That's it.

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How to set default background color for future Word docs??
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