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    Windows 8 apps ( aka Metro aka Windows Store apps)

    alright, I've started to browse around for good or great Windows 8 apps. I thought maybe a thread for people to post apps they enjoy would help make discovery easier for people. Whatever complaints you guys have, this is not the thread for that. This thread is to help people find apps.

    stuff I like:

    I like the TuneIn app (even though it's really really slow at starting the stream) and the iHeartRadio app. tunein is various radio stations whereas iHeartRadio is ClearChannel radio stations.
    Netflix is nice.
    pradio for Pandora stuff.
    Youtube+ is great (though it does have some flaws).
    I just discovered PrimeTube which seems to be a great youtube app as well.
    the Tom and Jerry app is great.
    VideoSnacker is pretty good.
    I like GiantBomb (video gaming).

    the ESPN and SportsIllustrated apps are great (especially the ESPN one with a great notifications system).

    I love Perfect365. a great easy to use photo editing app. definitely a nice companion to Photoshop.
    Skitch is easy to use and a lot of fun.
    Picazoid too.
    pictro is a good one.

    i like skyscanner and flightaware.

    the Yahoo app is good.
    check out News Bento! very customizable and easy to add your favorite RSS feeds.
    MetroTwit is a pretty slick Twitter app.

    Wikipedia is awesome (much better than the browser version except for formatting of some tables).
    the amazon app is nice.

    if you like an app, please share. I'd love to add new apps. would also help if you can tell us the difference between the paid version and the free/trial version.
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    Here is my list of must have Metro apps:
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    ok where ??
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    I think Steveb was being sarcastic but have to say at moment agree with him.
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    Irony is lost on some people
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    I really like the TuneIn app. Like the TS said, it takes a while for the stream to start playing, but it is the only way I can listen to the Dutch webradio "Classic FM". I also use this app on my Windows Phone 8 , for the same reasons. I really like this app!

    Besides that, I use the weather app and Skype app a lot. And I pinned Facebook as a tile to.

    Must honestly say thats it as far as Metro apps go. Web browsing and stuf like that I do in the Desktopmodus. As well as gaming and working with MS Office.
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    Bitcasa Infinite Storage gives you 10GB of online storage space. pretty slick interface and crossplatform as well.
    Podcasts! for Podcasts.
    ReddHub is a good Reddit app.
    Wonderwall is a neat app to browse celebrity photos and read celebrity news.
    Metro MediaPlayer. a great 3rd party media player. it will play all your media as long as you have the codec installed on your system (I still use K-Lite).
    Live TV lets you watch a lot of different shows and channels around the world.
    Fotor is a cool quick photo editing app.
    PhotoFunia is a cool photo app that let's you add lots of different effects, frames, etc. It's also cloudbased.
    ArcNote is a very slick photo app that's designed so that you can do things like take notes on a board with your camera and then do slick things like unskew them. For example, if you sit in the left side of the lecture room and take a picture of the blackboard, the app will unskew the pictures and text so that it's directly perpendicular to you. Or if you take a picture of an opened book where the pages naturally curve. The app will flatten it get rid of the curving shadows. Or if you take a pic of a business card and it's crooked. The app will straighten it and fix it.

    Locker Z lets you easily change or rotate the image used for your lock screen.
    TuneUp IncrediLock lets you browse from many wallpapers and lets you change your lock screen.
    MangaZ lets you search various manga series.
    Snes8x is a SNES emulator.

    Steam Launcher: allows you to pin your Steam games to the Start screen.
    Without an explanation, I see why people would give this app a low rating, because when the app asks for your id or profile, and you type in your username for steam, it won't work, you need to go to log in there, go to your profile page, and copy+paste all of the numbers from the URL to the app, and voila, beautiful icons on your Start Menu, great app

    Ditto is a classic Windows clipboard manager that's very small and lightweight and was recently updated to fix some Windows 8 focus problems.
    Craigslist+ and Craigslist 8x are a couple of good Craigslist apps.
    Great Windows Apps helps you find the really high rated apps because it factors in the amounts of reviews that an app has instead of just the stars. So an app that has hundreds of reviews with an average of 4.7 will be listed above an app that has 2 reviews that are rated 5.0
    WordWeb is a dictionary.
    AppSwitch highlights some Windows 8 equivalents to iOS and Android apps.

    WinPatrol 26.0.2013 free download - Software reviews, downloads, news, free trials, freeware and full commercial software - Downloadcrew
    WinPatrol gives you alerts whenever any of your system settings get changed. a very easy way to keep track of when installing something breaks something else.

    found another tip while searching the Windows Store: Just like Windows 7 and all previous Windows operating systems that let you hit the <backspace> key to go back up or up a hierarchy level, hitting the <backspace> key is the same as tapping or clicking the back arrow in the Metro app.
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    IM+ is a pretty slick crossplatform instant messaging Metro app. I'm not sure the difference between the free IM+ and the paid IM+ Pro.

    from what I googled:
    Lite version is ads-supported, Full version has no ads.
    Lite version limits you Push session to 2 hours. Full version allows to stay connected for up to 7 days.
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    it's not for me since I'm a fan of News Bento, but I heard a lot of great things about Nextgen Reader. check that out if you're still looking for the perfect newsreader for you.

    a couple of other what I would consider useful apps that I found through BetaNews include:

    Steam Tile - for your Steam games on the start screen.

    ComiXology - for legal access to your favorite comic books.
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    Where do the apps get installed in which drive C:?

    Can the apps be installed or moved onto a secondary hard drive or partition ex. D:?
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