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    Norton Utilities

    I am a fan of Norton.

    They greatly improved their customer service a few years ago and I trust them.

    One of their applications Norton utilities ran every night on WIN 7. it found a number of things to fix.

    I asked them why the same problems occurred regularly, they said they were working with MS to fix the problems...!

    So imagine my surprise when I ran NORTON UTILITIES on WIN 8 and it came up with 100's of errors.

    It goes on to fix them and I don't see any negative effects.

    My question is WHY.

    PS I did do a fresh update of Norton utilities.


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    My question is WHY.
    I guess my answer is ask Norton. I hear they have great customer service.
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    I would be very careful about running utilities like Norton on Windows 8. Just like with 7, it is very good at taking care of itself, unlike some of the earlier versions of Windows.
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    Thanks Littlejay

    I have just spent 2 days with MS tech, looking at WIN 8 problems

    I will be testing the solution shortly, just clearing my emails.

    MS say they are working with Norton but that Norton utilities has problems on win 8 so I will switch it off for now.

    They also do not like anything touching the register which Utilities did when asked, (Once a month I used to) So that will not be done.


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    Well in the end I gave up on NORTON and uninstalled it...!
    I also uninstalled another security package and re-installed the "IN 8 version.
    Restarted and It seems a lot more stable.

    My Major gripe is that the WIN 8 analyse your system before upgrade did not identify these applications as being a problem!! That would have saved me some days...

    Thanks for the help

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    I think you did the best thing by uninstalling Norton. Run Win8 for awhile (several months, at least) so you can see how Win8 runs without the added "weight" of Norton. Sometimes, I think we add too many "helpful utilities" that are really unnecessary and it tends to slow things down. Just my .02 worth...
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    Thank you for your comment. I have used 8 for a while now without Norton, but with MS security essentials.

    Things have been pretty good,although I did have a 'GREEN SCREEN' which was a bit concerning. after about 10 minutes of trying to switch between desktop and metro it came back....!

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Norton Utilities
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