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So, do you use W8 Modern UI apps?

View Poll Results: Do you use W8 Modern UI apps?

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    Madrid, Spain
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    So, do you use W8 Modern UI apps?

    I am reading everywhere that Windows 8 is not being very successful by now, but the big thing with Windows 8 is Modern UI and the whole new ecosystem of apps, market and interface.

    And I still don't know how much are Windows 8 users using all of it.

    For instance, I never use Modern UI at all. I never check the app market, never install apps, never use them...

    What about you?

    *NOTE: NEVER also means RARELY, too little use to being called occasional use.

    I wanted to change the survey but the system won't allow it. So please take it for NEVER or RARELY.

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    Win8.1 Pro, Desktop Mode

    I never use 'em, and I'm not likely to.
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    Windows 8

    I use them a lot. The best way to use them which I highly recommend is not to focus on them but rethink what you currently think about the metro environment.

    Get apps that will make your life easier, pin steam, mail app, im+ client for examples. Organize them into different groups where you can easily focus on certain apps at a time.

    I've gotten so efficient with the metro system that now I just press the windows button, see my updates and what I need right there on one screen. I can view the weather if I'm about to head out and traffic and then bam. I'm done with the computer for a few hours while I head out and have a real life.

    I try and think of the metro interface as an enhanced start menu bar. It acts exactly like how I use my start menu in 7 where I click start and on the left I have the available programs and shortcuts to the ones i use the most. If I want to go to control panel or anything else its as simple as pressing Ctrl-f and typing control enter. I highly recommend you try and and don't bash the ui until given a fair and substantial chance. It really is beneficial and can save you tons of time from sitting in the middle of a room on a computer when you could have a real life.
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    windows 7

    Well apart from calendar and occasionally the mail app I don't use any! I would use more but there is really nothing I want to use, I have plenty of apps on my Android phone and tablet to keep me happy so I don't see the point in investing in more apps that I can only use on my PC. If I had a surface or a W8 phone then it would be a different story.
    I do however like the simplistic look and design of the metro apps, and I think it's quite cool but there is nothing I really want to use extensively.
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    The Apps are a waste of my time period.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro & OS X Mavericks

    Well the only apps I find useful are Xbox Music, Netflix, Shazam and Mail. I do admit Xbox Music is good because you can pretty much find and listen to any song you like. Then create Smart Dj's out of them. I heard its free for only 6 months though. Netflix is nice because I don't have to use a browser to watch movies. Mail tells me when new email has arrived which is a nice feature so I don't have to constantly login to Gmail or something. Shazam is well useful to find the name of a song.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    you guys should give them a shot. lots of nice ones out there.
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    Win7 Ult on DIY; Win8 Pro on MBP/Parallels; Win7 Ult on MBP/Boot Camp; Win7 Ult/Win8 Pro on HP

    Well, I looked at them initially, but became completely uninterested almost immediately. If I want to use those sorts of apps, then I'll use my phone or tablet. I can't say that if I looked hard enough I couldn't find some Metro-type apps that would provide me with some value. But, it's just not worth my time to fool with them on a computer. I think that invariably I have better ways to do what I want on a computer than to use Metro-type apps.
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    Windows 8 Pro 64-Bit

    I use it because I love how it sync's across multiple computers, you guys don't know how nice this feature is until you have multiple laptops, desktops, and soon to be phone by windows. My settings out of the box everywhere, no extra software, no extra maintance, no setting up extra accounts it's.... magically convenient. Weather, NFL, News 360, a few games. I don't hang out much in the store.
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    Win7 Ult on DIY; Win8 Pro on MBP/Parallels; Win7 Ult on MBP/Boot Camp; Win7 Ult/Win8 Pro on HP

    I have mostly Macs. Everything also is synced across everything.
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So, do you use W8 Modern UI apps?
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