Hi all,

I've posted before regarding the issues I'm suddenly having with iTunes, having downloaded & installed v11. So far, I've not found any solutions under Win8, but did come across a few postings regarding similar issues on XP & Vistavfor earlier versions of iTunes. Ironically I had no issues with iTunes on XP or Vista myself, ah well.

The error msg I get whenever & however I attempt to run iTunes is "C:\\Windows\system32\dssenh.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or contains an error".

I have tried uninstalling, downloading a fresh copy, re-installing all to no avail. I also tried uninstalling and re-installing QuickTime as this seemed to help folks who experienced this issue on other win platforms. Nothing has made it work.

I did find this in MS-KB: You cannot install some updates or programs

I've been warned that's it's very complex and one should be cautious before trying to apply the solution.

My question is, is there something simpler, and more direct that I'm missing? My Win8 box is less than a month old. This is one of a number of software glitches I've run into since buying it. I'm getting kinda fed up.

Thanks very much in advance!!