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What is going on? Apps and games from "store" send me.....

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    What is going on? Apps and games from "store" send me.....

    right back to the start screen. They all open up for a second, I see the app splash screen for a second and then I am right back at the start screen without touching a thing.

    I am more then a little frustrated.

    The only think that DOES work that I installed was Office.

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    Ok, there is something very wrong here. 8 Apps from the store and not one opens up. I have even gone to the extent of reformatting. This laptop came preloaded with Win 8. I have installed all Windows updates. I have updted everything from the Metro Start screen.

    I can not return laptop and sure as hell can not afford another.

    There has got to be a Win 8 expert here that can help a fool like I am feeling out.
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    Well, I got NewEgg to make an exception, and let me return the MSI laptop for store credit for another Type of laptop. This became way too frustrating. I need to be able to download from the store and have the apps work.

    it will probably take a couple weeks to get it back to them and have the new one delivered. But hopefully I will not wind up with something driving me insane.

    i have selected the following Lenova laptop as a replacement. - lenovo IdeaPad Y580 (59353260) Notebook Intel Core i7 3630QM(2.40GHz) 15.6" 8GB Memory 750GB HDD + 16GB SSD HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M

    if anyone has any feedback on this laptop I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks, and my apologies for all the posts about the problems I was having which we're driving me nuts.
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    Well, for what it's worth to anyone, I finally got my new Lenova laptop. All installs of apps which I had previously purchased or downloaded free work perfectly on this Laptop & install of Win 8. There must of been either some real misunderstanding between me & the previous new MSI laptop with Win 8, or there is a real prob with MSI Win 8 installs.

    EVERYTHING from the store works on the Lenova, and NOTHING from the store worked on the MSI. What a relief!
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    It's probably not the MSI computer that's the issue. It's something else. Someone else started a thread on this forum describing the identical problem. It's gone on a couple of pages now with no resolution yet. I'm having massive problems with my metro apps
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    i had this issue early on with my win8pro upgrade. they just seemed to stop working. only the windows store worked. i had to manually uninstall and then reinstall every metro app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lilsting10 View Post
    i had this issue early on with my win8pro upgrade. they just seemed to stop working. only the windows store worked. i had to manually uninstall and then reinstall every metro app.
    I had tried that with both MSI WIN 8 laptops I had, as I had the same problem with both. (I had exchanged the first one for not only the Win 8 probs but other issues). It never worked on either one. Not one single metro app I tried. All the same thing, a quick splash screen of the app and then boom, right back to metro menu.

    It truly is bizarre that every one of those apps works exactly as they should with the Lenova. I'm not pitching Lenova, or slamming MSI, but there has got to be some major issue out there with WIN 8 for this to be happening to so many people. I am just glad that I was able to fix the prob by simply exchanging laptops. Both brands of laptops were brand new & no changes made from the factory install of Windows, yet such different results.

    Now I just have got the whole process of actually learning Win 8 ahead of me. It seems so foreign to me after all the previous iterations of my previous familiar friend and workhorse I had in Windows.
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What is going on? Apps and games from "store" send me.....
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