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Can I start programming Win8 apps?

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    Can I start programming Win8 apps?

    Two weeks ago I installed Windows 8 on my laptop. And truth told, I'm not fond of it... at all.

    Very few options to personalize my desktop, the tiles, etc. As a simple user you like the OS or you don't, there's barely anything you can customize.

    I've also found that Windows 8 doesn't like interacting with non-microsoft software. They have pretty tiles and applications of their own but things like VLC (which has a lot more options then the media player supplied by microsoft), Google Chrome etc., they just don't work together.

    I feel like my laptop is confused about it's personality. It tries to be a tablet, or a windows 7 desktop. It doesn't have any flow to it.

    However, I'm not ready to give up on Windows 8 yet, I would like to believe that there are good things about this OS. My faith mainly lies in WPF. I've had a presentation about it at school and it really spoke to me.

    My question is, as a first year IT student, with basic knowledge of C#, SQL, HTML, XML and CSS, is it possible to program applications for Windows 8 with WPF?

    I'm willing to learn a lot in a short period of time, but it has to be doable/combinable with my studies. The presentation made it seem like it is possible, but I wanted a little more input on whether it is easy to use or not.

    My main interest lies in personalizing applications. Making them more adjustable, making the notifications and tiles more adjustable.

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    Install VS2012 Express for Windows 8. The programming model is based on XAML and you can write in any .Net language.

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    You can also develop in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. I find this to be the best route for Windows 8 apps.
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Can I start programming Win8 apps?
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