Yesterday I had problems in printing a pdf file in Windows 8 pro. Simple but strange, but I couldnt print the pdf. I tried Ctrl+P and was happy to see a print menu but somehow it was only printing the last page of the pdf. I cross-checked my settings to make sure I had selected all pages to print, but still only last page was printed, thats all.

I googled and found that there are some issues with PDF printing in Windows 8 and found a Print2Pdf which claims that it solves this problem. I came one step further with this tool and was able to print my PDF but even after selecting 'Print on both sides of page', it printed each page on a single sheet. I dint want to try again and 'waste more paper' (think green :-)), so I gave up exploring this issue.

A very obvious task (printing a pdf file) which I assumed would be over in a few mins took me almost an hour .

My question: Is PDF printing (the obvious way as it used to be) is an issue in Win 8, and if yes, are there any workarounds.

Thanks in advance.