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Downloaded Apps are Missing and cannot reinstall

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    Downloaded Apps are Missing and cannot reinstall

    Is there a way to uninstall and reinstall a Metro app that does not appear on your start screen, or on your computer at all?

    Here's what happened: I went to the start screen this afternoon and somehow all of my metro apps except for Store and Explorer were gone from the start screen. I go to the charms bar, and the only apps that were listed (under all apps) were Store and Explorer. Everything else has vanished. (And no, I didn't install anything on my PC today or change any settings.... it worked fine this morning, and then vanished this evening).

    So, I went into the store, and it says that my missing apps (i.e. People, Mail, Weather, Netflix, etc.) are installed on my PC (even though they are nowhere to be found). I click to re-download them. They appear to install in the store. And still nothing on the start screen, and they are not listed in my apps.

    So, ultimately I end up doing a system refresh. After that horrid process, the only apps I have on my start screen are again Store and Explorer.... it didn't fix the problem. Ugh. I go to the store again, and it is the same situation. Says it is downloading and installing, no error messages, but nothing on my actual PC.

    Out of curiosity, I try to download a few apps that I did not previously have on my computer -- and they install and appear in my apps/start screen perfectly.

    I tried clearing the store cache, doing the sync function (and of course the system refresh). The store says that the missing apps are installed, but metro says they are not on my PC. I cannot uninstall/reinstall them because without them appearing on my PC, there's nothing to uninstall (and the store will not let me UN-install, just install.... which does nothing.)

    Any idea what could be causing this, or what I can do? Thanks!!!

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    Finally. I found someone with the exact problem that i am having. I have been through the same process with the same results. Store says the apps are installed but they are no where to be found on the pc. I have also tried using the search function to find them by name. Did a windows refresh but it didnt fix anything. Does anyone know the answer to this? Im afraid to go through the process of reinstalling all of my programs before i get this resolved. Id hate to install them and then find out i need to go through a system restore to fix the problem! Thanks!
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Downloaded Apps are Missing and cannot reinstall
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