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    I understand your fondness for Gadgets, I liked them very much myself, but...

    It's not really fair to call Microsoft "draconian" because they didn't want to invest the time and money into fixing gadget security issues. Lots of folks didn't even like Gadgets to begin with. I used to hang out on a Gadgets forum (SFKilla - Home) and the devs told me it would be very easy to write a malicious Gadget if they wanted to. The OS completely "trusts" the Gadget. It's not irresponsible of MS to stop supporting Gadgets if they know they are vulnerable and don't want to bother trying to fix the issue.

    It's disappointing to be sure, but not irresponsible or draconian. IMHO, of course...

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    I use Gadgets for Windows 8, but Vista Original Sidebar also works (including in Blue).

    Click image for larger version

    Gadgets for Windows 8: Gadgets for Windows 8.rar

    Windows 2008 Converter (Installs Vista Sidebar):

    Microsoft could have kept the gadgets repository on-line, even not supporting it anymore.

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    WiFi Ed, I don't have any great love for gadgets.. it's just now that I have a good computer I've decided to use some. Microsoft's reason for taking away gadgets.. security issues.. well they should remove Internet Explorer too. For that matter.. not let the PC connect to the internet at all. It's the users job to install apps they can trust and safeguard against malicious code. Just because something "can" be used to transmit a virus ( like Internet Explorer) doesn't mean it will. I think this was a ploy to get people more away from the desktop so they could feel more comfortable with the live tiles of windows 8.. and yep.. a real conspiracy. I'll stick to my draconian label. It's not just this issue.. there are lots that make MS draconian like their handling of the UEFI issues on which I have researched and written extensively.

    Vrosa thanks for the links I'll have a look at them. One can always get calenders, clocks, CPU meters etc but I'm looking for a good repository with other odd gadgets like the Defcon status gadget. Gadgets that do things that are not the norm.
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