For me, remained a problem with WMP (occurs after upgrade or a clean install (refresh)) ...

When I play any file mp3 mp4 whatever .. program hangs. As it was the mp3 is keeps playing, and even displays the cover. However, I can not close the combinations by clicking the cross, alt f4 and change tracks or minimize :/
I can close it by and only by killing the proces

The problemexists in the IDT drivers (in three versions) and on any (standard Windows).

Music, VLC reproduce anything without a problem, I run the games and youtube and everything works fine.

I read that you can reset the WMP:
by run and "msdt.exe-id WindowsMediaPlayerConfigurationDiagnostic"
but when I do the chiwle shows me the message:
Configuration settings may be incorrect :/

Deselecting the add / remove functions of the system won' helpt ...
Anyone have any idea?

HP Pavilion G6-1394ea
Win8 Pro x64
IDT Driver: 6.10.6425.0