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The PERFECT music playing app for Windows 8.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakennstirred View Post
    windows already has an app that plays all my music its called windows media player lol
    don't see the need to download anything to just do the same-thing
    Me to ,but ,to each there own ,happy computing

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    Windows media player is a bit of a mess

    1) No FLAC
    2) No proper equalizer
    3) Won't play music via a streaming device

    Still since most people are satisfied with the sheer cacophony that results by playing at highly distorted volumes severely compressed mp3 files through those (especially the white ones) bud earphones which seem to yield MORE NOISE to everybody except the actual wearer Win media player is probably OK.

    As you say -- each to their own -- but I really wish it was each to their own -- nothing worse than sitting in a Metro train or other public transport vehicle with 200 sets of tinny bzzz bzzz types of sounds emanating from zombified looking people wearing these wretched things.

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    i uninstalled myself ,to much wrong info of my songs i have on computer ans wmp works just fine for playing my music ,i can do with out the other features of the App
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The PERFECT music playing app for Windows 8.
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