Window 8 Pro and hg.exe usage: Connection denied... refused by....

Hi, Anyone out there that uses Windows 8 Pro and hg.exe (Mercurial version control system) version 2.2.2 or 2.4 program. Have issues making connections that actually talk. Appears to be on the "hg serve" side of a http temporary connection. Have done a number of reconfig and disable things, but without look.

- Using a basic "hg.exe serve -p8008" on a good repository
- attempt to connect to clone "hg.exe clone http://myhost:8008" results in an abort: error: Connection denied ..... refused connection.

- All firewalls are off.
- "netstat -aon | findstr 8008" shows the expected PID has port 8008
- commands were run in cmd.exe run by admin

Basically looks as if Windows 8 Pro just shuts-down/locked-out any http stuff.
Other things done:
- disabled IIS (appears only Program and Features->IIS->Security->Request Filtering was on)
- tried a simple perl script that waits on a socket for message (some type of problem)
- have another machine on the network (Win Vista) with a hg serve port arrangement. Do the "hg clone ....." on the win8pro machine
to the winVista machineort,, things work.
- installed the latest versions of the software (hg, Bullguard IS,......) so as to be most up-to-date

So issue appears to be on the incoming side of the win8pro hg serve arrangement.

Anyone have an idea as to why http sockets on win8pro may be blocked?

Other thinking is group policy? file permissions? But I'm running every thing as administrator set user.

This was posted on the MicroSoft Community and MSDN Developer forums, but "passed on issue" and referred to some other forums. (Basicially no help from MS.)