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Xbox Music Painful

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    Xbox Music Painful

    Ok perhaps i haven't learned how to use it, but if anyone knows an easier way please tell me.

    I find using xbox music to be difficult, having to go back and forward, can't add music here, but can there. Can't fast forward here but can there...

    Here is how it goes.
    I hit Win+Q, search "Tom Waits"
    I select "Tom Waits" the artist from the search list.
    A new white window appears with the music list of this artist, but it's small so i click "Explore Artist"
    Then i select "Show song list"
    If i select a song here, i do not get the option to add it to my music, can't fast forward either.
    But if i right click and then hit the album cover on the bar on the bottom the window changes and i'm able to fast forward, and add music to my list again.
    But if i hit the "Show song list" now i only get the song playing. So i have to hit the back button to return to the artist selection.
    Then i have to do this all over, select Tom, select explore artist, select show song list to get back to where i was...

    But if i choose to add music in the white window appearing after selecting the artist, i can add music directly there, but i can't fast forward... It's painful to use =(

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    true dat
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    My favorite feature is "Now Playing", which comes up first thing instead of my music collection which is off screen to its left in the scroll, which not only displays music that isn't playing, but music that does not belong to me, music that I will never own or even sample, music that has never played and never will be played. A close second is "All Music" to its right, which doesn't contain any of my music, but just a bunch more ads I don't care about. Last but not least is "Top Music", to the right of "All Music", with a bunch more ads it had to download that I don't care about.

    It really is like Microsoft set out to design the exact opposite of what I want. It is just so very wrong to its core.

    ETA: I just realized I may have given the impression that I'm actually try to use Windows 8. I am not. I'm describing my experience running it in a VM and adding some music files from my Windows 7 system to it. I would never install Windows 8 for real.
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    Windows 8

    Yeah, and can anyone figure out an easy way to find new releases and top songs? I used the Zune software and loved it, but I don't like the music app so far.
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Xbox Music Painful
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