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DVD Maker Alternatives

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    robc163 Junior Member

    DVD Maker Alternatives

    Hey Guys

    I'm really struggling to find a DVD maker like the one off Windows 7

    I want to burn an AVI file to a disc so that I can play it in my DVD player

    I really wished they kept the DVD maker in Windows 8 but they have not so I need to find a new program

    The program has to be free as I have no money to spend

    Anyone know any DVD making programs I could use and if so link them to me

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    Have a look here:

    DVDStyler - Free DVD Authoring Application

    I installed it last night and kinda played with it a bit, then my daughter got sick so I couldn't really get into it. From what I have seen so far it is exactly what I needed when I was looking for a DVD maker alternative. Just watch your install or it'll try to install some toolbars and other crap, so don't just go all willy nilly hitting next

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    Hello robc163. Welcome to the Eight Forums.

    Quote Originally Posted by robc163 View Post
    I want to burn an AVI file to a disc so that I can play it in my DVD player...The program has to be free as I have no money to spend
    I use Media Player Classic (MPC Classic) as a DVD player. Someone will provide an answer for you. Do you want to create a DVD menu and chapters? Or just burn an AVI to a disk? You want to create a DVD from an AVI? I do not know of any free open source DVD creators that are compatible with 8. I am sure they exist. There are several that are not free. Do you have imaging software, like Acronis? All I can suggest is, before doing many trial installations of DVD makers from your online searches, make an image of your system to restore after you find one that works, otherwise your system may get littered with stuff.

    Thanks Geeve420.
    Well, there you go. DVDStyler - Free DVD Authoring Application

    That only took a few minutes Hopefully, this will work for you.

    You may have to select to install anyway from more info as the publisher is not known.

    Click image for larger version
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    robc163 Junior Member

    Cheers guys this program is great and the first program that is genuinely free and actually looks easy to use
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DVD Maker Alternatives

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