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W8RP: no apps working

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    W8RP: no apps working

    I have had the W8RP on my daughters notebook computer and she really likes it.. Recently, her apps from the metro desktop are not working: calendar, email, store, IE, etc.. Games work, and apps from the normal desktop work.. But when she clicks on a metro app (like Store), it opens, then immediately closes.. We have tried rebooting and updating, but the problem persists..


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    RP will expire in January, time to buy the real stuff , witch app don't work, some need internet connection, so it bring to my question what anti-virus you have install on it ( I'm heading to the firewall )
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    We have an internet connection.. If we go to the desktop and start IE from there, it works fine..
    I do not think we have any anti-virus or anything like that installed, just bare-bones W8RP..

    This is on an older computer, but it has worked well up until now..

    We do plan on either upgrading, or I may just buy her a new notebook.. They have some really nice ones at best buy
    for under $500 with W8 already installed..
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    Windows 8 enterprise x64

    I ask because third party firewall can block Internet to Metro Apps, I don't have solution for this, but I'm sure Brink have

    For your note book, if I was you , for $ 500 I will look at a Dell , I prefer them when it's time to repair one, as it's more easy to get parts. You can't order parts from Asus and Acer and their RMA service is very bad. Dell as an inspiron with an Intel i3-2350 and a 15.6" screen for $ 429 not bad at all.
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    Here is a movie showing my problem..

    Is there any solution? I don't see any errors or notifications.. Not sure whats going on..
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    Have you disabled UAC? if you have, enable it, you could also Reset IE, Internet Options, click Reset in Advanced tab. If all fails, try a refresh: Refresh Windows 8
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    Arg, I have tried UAC on and off, as well as resetting IE (not sure what that has to do with the other apps).. Same problem..

    I looked for my Disc I made of the W8RP ISO and can't find it.. Now that W8 has been released, I can't find a d/l link to the old RP version, so no Refreshing W8 for me..

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    I finally found a download link to a W8RP ISO, refreshed the system, and now everything works!

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W8RP: no apps working
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