I got my shiny new laptop yesterday and basically Microsoft have ruined New Laptop Day for me. Not only did it take me an entire evening to custom things as I wanted (took FOREVER to figure out how to turn the Charms Bar off) but I'm STILL having issues.

My question is this: I am using Google Chrome as my search engine but my .gif files still open in IE. I have tried to change this but when I click on the 'change programme' button, Windows 8 gives me an option of 'apps' to use, none of which are Google Chrome. When I click on 'look for more apps on this computer' Google Chrome is STILL missing. When I checked on the Start menu all other apps, including the ones I'd downloaded (VLC, Quicktime, etc) are there and blue BUT Google Chrome is greyed out.

Anyone got any idea how to fix this issue? I hate being forced to use IE for anything and this is driving me NUTS.