For people who don't quite get metro apps (I don't care what MS says they should be called, but until they come up with a better name than "Modern" or "Windows Store Apps", i'll continue to use the name Metro), consider this.

Metro is turning out to be the single largest motivating factor of new software development in Windows history. The ability for average, everyday joes to write a Metro app, submit it to the store, and have people *BUY* it and pay them is a huge motivating factor.

This is the same ecosystem that has driven the iOS and Android app development markets. Certainly, iOS has been far more successful at getting people to buy apps than Google has with Android, but the fact remains that 100's of thousands of apps exist for both platforms, and Metro apps are quickly catching up.

Yes, the first apps out of the chute tend to be simple, and often times rather useless apps... but as time goes on, those apps mature and become more productive and complex.

Win32 commercial app development is all but dead, and has been for a number of years. If you go into a computer store, all you see on the shelves are Windows, Office, Adobe, and a thousand different anti-malware/anti-virus apps.

Enterprise in-house development is still relatively strong in Win32, but even that has seen huge erosion to Web based apps and mobile apps. For all but a few sectors (Adobe, Office, etc..) commercial apps are nowhere to be found anymore.

What's a budding application developer, writing code in his basement going to do to make money? There are lots of "app store millionaires" out there, who have created very nice iOS and (to a lesser degree) Android apps and made a lot of money selling them at $.99-$20. This is simply a market that is going to drive the software economy for the next decade or more.

So go ahead and scoff at the Windows Store. Certainly, the quality of apps there is inconsistent at best at the moment, but in a years time things will be very different. And people Will be using Metro apps more and more (on tablets, phones, and yes.. on Desktop PC's).

The amount of opportunity for people to make money here is huge. And if there is opportunity, people will take it. You really should keep an open mind.