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Skype cycles Plugin/Plugout detection, regardless of settings

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    Win-8/64 Pro. Build 9200

    Skype cycles Plugin/Plugout detection, regardless of settings

    I have upgraded from Win-7/64 Pro to Win-8/64 Pro this past weekend. The whole upgrade process, while a tad tedious all went fairly well and everything pretty well works as it should. There is a few minor issues with the Metro-Apps and this seems to be related to my having to move my C:\Users\<username> directories to another drive due to space issues. See link below for more info if interested.

    Can't download and install Windows Store Apps

    I had Skype installed on Win-7 and did not had many issues with it and used it constantly. A Key requirement is to be able to use the voice features and it connects to my people and groups, so it's not really an option to not use it. One of those evils I have to live with. After upgrading to Win-8, well... it's become a MAJOR PITA !

    Skype classic works in Text Chat but Audio = FAIL on a horrendous scale.

    If I attempt to use voice, Skype triggers a polling to the devices and insists that I am plugging in & out my headset (non-usb, std plug in type) even though I have Windows set to not monitor that and the Realtek Manager to not sense it. The notifications popping up are INSANE !! Even though they should not be popping up. (I did update to the latest version from ASUS without effect, Installed the latest from Realtek proper which is same as what ASUS has, without effect). Now I am even doubtful that Skype Win-8 edition would help there, unfortunately because of my work, contacts etc I have to use Skype and not much options there... Other Communications Apps with voice capabilities do not seem to be affected, seems that Only Skype is being a Royal PITA, why am I not surprised...

    I have uninstalled Skype Classic, reinstalled it all to no avail.
    I cannot get the Windows 8 Enhanced version because APPS like Store etc do not work... Hopefully someone will post a working solution to that sooner than later. MS Corp is of NO HELP there at all. (makes me happy that I retired from that zoo).

    My System Specs are below for all to see.
    I am using the onboard Realtek Audio on the Asus motherboard.
    Standard (non-usb) headset plugged into the front jacks of my case (HD Audio, not AC97).

    Interesting Side Note:
    I use a variety of Multimedia applications. From streaming video (many formats) to Game & Virtual World apps which have audio & video capabilities. Some speech enhanced applications as well. These all work as expected and in fact, in some instances better than on Win-7 (especially the realtek surround sound functions). No crackling, popping or other annoyances at all. Even using the NVidia Output to my Screen (I use an LG 47" LED 1080P screen) works great where it would not in Win-7, although there is no need to use it.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Win-8/64 Pro. Build 9200

    Further Testing and this get's even more interesting...

    Skype being as nasty as it can be I decided to update / install the latest MS Live Essentials 2012. Of course this includes a lot of different things but Messenger is one of them. After Messenger was installed, I tested that and guess what... It works perfectly too ! BTW: MsMessenger makes use of the Audio Enhancements which seriously improves the sound quality which has never worked in Skype either.

    This is obviously a Skype Issue with the cycling. I cannot replicate this occurrence with any other comms application at all.

    Will keep monitoring this thread to see if anything pops up or if a solution is found.
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Skype cycles Plugin/Plugout detection, regardless of settings
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