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Can't download and install Windows Store Apps

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    Win-8/64 Pro. Build 9200

    Metro-Apps no longer function. Store Apps install not possible.

    After relocating c:\users\<username> to D:\Users\<username> APPS no longer work, Store-App, Internet Explorer app all fail.

    This WAS attached to another thread but it got separated & moved here... Poorly re-titled to boot.

    I started with Win-7/64 Pro, running on a SATA-II 640gb HDD (SATA-Port-3), second drive a SATA-II 340gb (SATA-Port-4).
    I made several backups & copies (can never be too careful)
    Used a Full Version of Win-8/64 Pro and launched it from Win-7 to perform an upgrade.
    Painfully slow but worked a treat and all my data, apps everything transferred just peachy. (Thank goodness as a Dev, I have GIT, Various compilers and tools which is a phenomenal PITA to have to reinstall, close to 2 days to redo all of it)
    I set it to login to my LiveID and everything seemed to operate just fine.
    (Skype Excluded! it cycles the plugin sensing of the headset, even though it is disabled in Win & Realtek setup)

    Next was to move my data over to the SSD Hybrid drive.
    I installed the Seagate Momentus XT-750 Hybrid Drive to SATA-Port-2 which is to be used as my D:
    I then copied everything from the previous C: and D: drives (the SATA-II's) as needed... Items like my GIT Repositories, downloads, build directories and all the other stuff not attached into Windows.
    After everything was successfully copied & verified, I shutdown and disconnected the old 340GB Sata-II
    The new Seagate Hybrid came up as D: drive as expected, everything there and just perfect.

    Next, I had to move the USER files... I am the only user on the PC so it makes things a little simpler (so I thought)
    I first manually created the subdirectories that can be moved to D:\Users\WhiteStar\*
    I used the alternate MS Method to relocate the data by Right Clicking on the C:\Users\WhiteStar\<foldername> and selecting the Location tab and moving them from C: to D: (Where <foldername> are the allowable relocate-able folders/directories. see below)
    This moved the contents over from the existing C: to D: and did so as expected without issue.

    Below is the list of folders/directories can be moved using the Properties/Location TAB
    <DIR>          Searches
    <DIR>          Saved Games
    <DIR>          Pictures
    <DIR>          Music
    <DIR>          Links
    <DIR>          Favorites
    <DIR>          Downloads
    <DIR>          Documents
    <DIR>          Contacts
    <DIR>          Desktop
    <DIR>          Videos
    NOTE: AppData remains on C:\Users\WhiteStar\AppData

    After a recheck, the MOVE function did what it should and moved the data from C:*** to D:*** all good.
    Apps etc still working, so if I clicked on Store I got the Store, if I clicked on Internet Explorer APP it worked.

    Moving to SSD Drive to Boot the OS
    I installed Macrium Reflect Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download Drive cloning software (works a treat BTW)
    Shutdown System and connected the OCZ Vertex-4 120GB drive onto (SATA-Port-1)
    Booted System, Ran the Disk cleanup and cleaned out the Windows.OLD etc (far too big to move to the OCZ)
    Cleaned out all other materials that have been transferred to the new D: drive.
    Ran Defraggler on C: and made sure it was 100% up to snuff.
    Ran CCLeaner which checked everything which all came back good, as expected.

    Re-Booted after everything cleaned/checked & started Reflect and Cloned my OS
    Cloned directly over to the OCZ SSD drive, allowing Reflect to adjust the partition space.
    On completion, shutdown system and physically disconnected the 640 GB SATA-II drive which "was" my Operating System Drive.
    Rebooted with only the OCZ, Seagate Momentus & DVD drive (also SATA) connected.
    Win-8 came up (*wow was that fast !) and everything looks perfect, as expected.
    Jump to desktop and all my goodies are where they are supposed to be, applications I had are there, all works (except Skype)
    Ran Windows Update again and checked all my apps again to ensure they were all up to snuff & current.
    Ran CCleaner again and rechecked all things and all came back without issues.

    All my own applications from OpenOffice, to VS Studio 2010, Git, even Spybot all work fine.

    Metro-Apps such as Internet Explorer, Store, Calendar etc ALL FAIL.

    NB:-> Internet Explorer from Desktop works fine... Just the APP does not and will not. It insists that I enable Cookies which I have done in Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Option, Security & Privacy (as numerous tuts & instructions say) to No Avail.

    I have changed from LiveID sign in to Local Sign In without positive result.
    Switched back to LiveID sign in, checked MS Website settings etc, everything is as it should be.
    PC is verified, all account info verified etc...

    Apps, Store, Calendar etc... will take full screen but do NOTHING. I have to Alt-Tab out and close the app by rt-clicking on top-left screen corner.

    I have checked Perms, Rights & Privileges on the d:\Users\WhiteStar\* directories and everything is set according to spec and match to what is still under the c:\Users\ structures.

    How to Fix the Metro-Apps so they work again ?

    So how can I fix it so I can DL and Install APPS from MightySoft's apple clone of a shop ?
    (I really am NOT impressed with this money grabber)

    I wanted to try installing the Skype for Win-8 to see if that could / would resolve the issues it has with my audio system but as I cannot access any APP, Store etc, it's not happening.

    The SKYPE ISSUE which I have mentioned.... located here: Skype cycles Plugin/Plugout detection, regardless of settings

    Thoughts, Suggestions appreciated. I could not find anything of even the remotest value on the MS Sites and in regards to Skype, there is even less info for that "@*&^*$^)^@ thing" in regards to problem solving.

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    Win-8/64 Pro. Build 9200

    @ Brink... I see you moved this to it's own thread... Seriously ?

    I created a separate thread for the Skype Issue and it is in the Software & Apps section of the forum.

    Either Case.... APPS NOT RUNNING or USABLE is above & beyond the silly Skype problem.
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Can't download and install Windows Store Apps
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