Ok, i downloaded the smartglass app that lets one remotely connect to their xbox(turned on) via windows 8 on a pc.

smartglass app is telling me it can't connect to my xbox because the accounts are different.

in windows 8 and smartglass app I am logged in with my xxxx.live.com account, (always prefer this so multiple computers can be synced in household).

in xbox 360 I am logged in with my personal xxxx.xnet.com account.

Smartglass is telling me in order to connect to my xbox i must be logged in with the same account in both windows 8 and my xbox, so i go to my xbox, go to settings and go to change my account to the xxxx.live account to match windows 8 and xbox tells me that account is all ready in use.

I have no way now to get the same accounts in both windows 8 and xbox, can anybody help?