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Macrium Reflect v5.1 and Windows 8

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    Macrium Reflect v5.1 and Windows 8


    I have just tried out the free version of the Macrium Reflect dusk backup utility on my fresh copy of a clean install of Win 8 x64 Pro. It is the latest free version 5.1 b5299.
    It seems ok except when I go to make a rescue media and then W8 will close down with a new type of BSOD, and the problem causing this is...



    .... the mounting aspect of the Reflect software, I assume. I have tried this several times and each time it will fail with a BSOD when I attempt to create that rescue media.

    I can't post about it in the official forums as I have not got the paid version and would not wish to buy it is the above can't be resolved.

    Has it worked ok for anyone else who is on W8 x64 Pro...?

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    Hi vimes,

    Quick answer to your question - yes!

    I currently use Macrium Reflect Standard 64-bit 5.1 5299 on my Win 8 Pro laptop and have successfully created images/rescue media. Rescue media (Windows PE option -> Pre-built Windows PE Rescue Media) was written to a flash drive from which I booted from and reviewed the image that I created just to see if it was ok.

    I have actually restored images using Macrium on my Windows 7 boxes without fail - ever. Very reliable at least for me. I have not attempted to do an actual restore on my W8 box yet so I can't speak to that - but the restore media was good.

    I have also had very good support from Macrium directly through email (bug submission) and their forum is quite good.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Good luck!
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    I too have macrium reflect currrent free version and it worked flawlessly on my computer. I took an image of the windows 8 and succesfully restored later. Free and solid product on windows 8.
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    Might need to look further then as to why each and every time I try and build a recovery image that error occurs.

    Thanks for the confirmation of it working
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    There is an iso image in the program directory. Try to burn that image.
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    That will burn but I'm not sure how much value it will have compared to the Windows specific one that it would create, after it has downloaded the KB3AIK_EN.iso file from MS.

    I should have time today to install the application on another PC and then try from there to create the rescue disc.

    It is just frustrating that the company does not allow you to post in their forums unless you have bought the product.
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    To Create a rescue disk, you actually have to download a free version of Windows PE which is > 1.5GB. There is already an ISO built for this from vhs and you can download from his Skydrive:

    Just download this and burn to a cd
    or use "Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool" to make a bootable USB stick.

    In the past I use Acronis 2013 but it caused problem with windows 8 so I use a free version of Macrium Reflect
    and I really like it, it takes about 7 min. for me to do a complete windows backup of 40GB.

    About your problem BSOD, I dont know what to say because I use vhs's ISO and it works perfectly.
    When you said you installed it with fresh clean install, did you also run windows update ? because it was a big update about 500 MB.
    or Maybe you should try to run
    sfc /scannow from Administrator Command to find out if all your system files are all good

    I actually going thru Backup and Restore process with Windows 8 and everything works perfectly. so in conclusion, Macrium is a solid product and also a little easier to use compare to Acronis. It does not have all the features with a free version but for a complete backup, it is
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    The problem the OP had was with the macrium mount driver within windows.

    None of the replies have addressed that.

    Can't answer that as Macrium does not work for me.
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    Dont know how far back MR supported Win8, but since 5299, they've updated to 5313 and now, to 5396.

    I would try the latest version and see if it works better.
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    I've successfully made a system image with free Macrium.My question is when I click on other tasks at top of page and create rescue media,it works ok .When I click on other tasks at lhs of page and create bootable rescue media,it takes a bit longer and uses more space on the dvd than the first one.Sorry to be so thick but can someone explain the difference to me.
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Macrium Reflect v5.1 and Windows 8
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