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Apps not Working on Start Screen

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    Apps not Working on Start Screen

    Hi guys,

    I've just recently brought and have upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro.

    After installing, my apps were working fine, I would click on them, and everything would work like normal.

    Although, after installing a couple of games, they have seemed to have stopped working. So I did a system restore, great they are working again. So, to see what the problem was, I took into account what I was doing to see if it conflicted with the apps working.

    Unfortunately, I could not seem to pin down what the problem is. When I go to click onto the apps, some either just doing nothing, or others will show up the opening screen, as if I was about to go in it, but then just goes straight back to the start screen.

    I've reinstalled it, not working. Every time I try to do a reset, it gets to about 68% then says an error occurs and rolls back its actions.

    Any ideas on what is causing this to happen?

    I have the files burn on a CD DVD+RW drive and have tried it on a USB.

    Any help would be appreciated


    PC Specs:

    i7 870 @ 2.93 x8 cores
    GTX 550TI SC
    1TB Hard Drive

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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64-bit

    Remove any security programs. Avast tends to be a popular culprit. For these types of problems
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    Windows 8

    Quote Originally Posted by DaBoss View Post
    Remove any security programs. Avast tends to be a popular culprit. For these types of problems
    Yes, I've tried that, I've even tried to change the settings on the hard drive in which the OS is installed on but no luck still.

    Quiet frustrating sometimes =/
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    windows 8 prof 64 bit

    I had for the same issue. I couldn't fix it, but have discovered the problem. unlike windows 7 the operating files for metro are not protected so if you change the permissions on the users app data folder which I had to do for one of my apps to install. then they stop working. I managed to reset some of the permissions, restoring half of the icons but not all of them so had to reinstall. I searched for Microsoft fixits like scannow etc. but couldn't find one that worked. It appears that the application data folder is similarly prone to corruption. So either an update needs to lock these folders or a reset tool needs to be created.
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    Win 8 RC

    Installed a fresh load of Win 8 Pro. I did not just update from Release Preview. Complete reinstall. All my Metro tiles worked for a couple days, now outside of the tiles for my installed programs and Windows utilities, on the Metro Start screen only the Store and Map apps open. Tiles like Photos, Videos, Mail, Messaging, and many others crash. I tried to install Netflix and Skitch from the Store and they crash. Although the Metro Start screen is not really of value to me, I do expect stuff to work because I paid for it to work. MS, fix this. My screen resolution is very high and meets specs for tiles, UAC is set to default. I am using a Live ID, but I have not done a reset (all recommended fixes and settings to check for this issue from web searches). Anyone got any help for me? I am annoyed and will stop now rather than rant.
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Apps not Working on Start Screen
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