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    Google Apps for Business

    I am looking at both the Surface tablet and Windows 8 phone. I have become increasing become frustrated with Android clunkiness, and in the phones batteries.

    I have a big concern though, which is that my business runs on Google Apps email and calendar.

    Has anyone tried to use these with windows 8, and how did the get on?

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    You will likely find that any Windows Phone 8 will have similar battery life to an Android phone. The reasons for the battery drain don't go away with a new OS. It sounds like you're a heavy user of synchronization, and that constant sync drains battery life.

    Some tips: Use wi-fi whenever possible. Cellular data is a battery suck (particularly LTE). Disable GPS when you're not using it. Some apps quietly ping the GPS satellites constantly, again a suck on the battery. Get GSam battery monitor, it will show you what uses your battery.

    But, to answer your questions. Windows 8 has no problem syncing with google calendar. There is no specific client for Google apps and email, but you can still use a web browser to access them. You can also do Pop mail access to your google account and use the built-in mail app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
    Has anyone tried to use these with windows 8, and how did the get on?
    both Google Apps and Office 365 run flawless in Windows 8

    Office 365 + Windows 8 + Server 2012 Essential are simply amazing together, it's a perfect integration, for a business I think it's a better combination as you log on your Windows 8 with your Domain name that is also your outlook email .....

    You can also log to Windows 8 with your Google Apps email , but it' not integrated like 365

    I have hate and love for Windows 8 but only love for Server 2012 Essential
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Google Apps for Business
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