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IDM Super Slow for Premium Site Logins, Rapidshare, Netload & Extabit

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    IDM Super Slow for Premium Site Logins, Rapidshare, Netload & Extabit

    No stranger to using IDM, but on Friday i upgraded my system to Win 8 Pro and although to begin with I was getting regular download speeds from the three premium accounts listed above, now they have slowed down drastically.

    Other links for downloading stuff from other sites (such as a rar or exe file for installing a new program etc) I am getting proper dl speeds, this is JUST a problem for my premium accounts/site logins.
    Example: download foobar2000 I get 700-900kbps, download a .rar file from either of three premium accounts and its only 50-150kb/sec. Rapidshare is the worst, starts at 5-6kbps, slowly getting better till capped at about 50-100kbps.

    So just to confirm, i have site logins correct, I have IE open and logged into each premium account. I can confirm the dl starts successfully (link is working), but instead of getting 700-800kb/sec which was normal for me, I now get only 50-150kbps on ALL THREE accounts from a variety of sources.

    Curiously I WAS getting 700-900kb/sec with netload just YESTERDAY (29/10/12) even under this new win 8 pro system, it is just today that I am getting super slow speeds.
    I have tried various files from various accounts from various sources... all slow. But non site login dl's are fast as always (700-900kb/sec which is the most i can get in my area/location and modem/equipment).

    Some other info: I was running only win xp for years with IDM up until Friday when I went Win 8. During my time with XP i was getting 700-900kb/sec with site logins.
    On a FRESH CLEAN install of Win 8 I initially was getting 700-900kbps speeds WITH SITE LOGINS as well as non site logins, it is just TODAY that i can't figure out why they are throttled (on all three accounts).
    Curiously.. today i RESUMED a netload file (.rar part 1 of many) that had previously been started before (15% complete) a day or two ago and IT WAS STILL PERFORMING FAST (700-900kbps) TODAY. Once that part was finished, the next NEW .rar file (part 2) plummeted to being the 50-150kbps speed :S
    I don't geddit...

    To me this is very interesting and possibly key to helping you assist me in resolving this issue. The real question is this: Why are files that have previously been started before this problem happened (incomplete downloads from yesterday or earlier), are able to resume and get normal good download speeds of 700-900kbps from the premium sites? BUT NEW downloads selected from the premium sites today get poor speeds, yet non site login downloads are also operating normally?

    I am of course well versed in the correct procedure for getting site logins to work, i have been using IDM for a few years now successfully.

    EDIT: Curiously now i tried another random file from netload and indeed am getting good dl speed. So why are some netload/rapidshare/extabit files going fast and others slow? (I am of course pausing each file while trying a new dl). I am also aware that some well sought after files (like a just out new episode of dexter, homeland whatever) can be slow, and that the next day or so the dl is faster, but im getting poor speeds from sources that have been out awhile, and or like my above example had 7 parts in a que, part 1 was 15% complete, resumed the dl today and was getting 700-900kbps, then it finished and the second part was back to rubbish speed again :S (this was with netload).

    Anyone got any ideas?

    I just tried downloading a file from IE10 instead of FF (which is my preferred browser) but still same terrible speed. It seems its not browser related.

    I'm now installing IDM/FF on a little EEEPC running xp that i have kicking about, then will see (wired) if it gets better speeds from same source.

    I added IDM to exceptions rule in Windows Firewall (both private and publically), rapidshare links seem to have speeded up, but netload still piss poor.
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    After installing IDM and FF (and all the addons it needs) on eeepc running xp, i was getting exactly same speeds for rapidshare and netload. I conclude netload servers must be compromised (or my isp is throttle netload but thats unlikely), but that IDM was not getting the exceptions it needed from Win 8 firewall without a little more configuration. Just kinda unfortunate that netload had to be having issues same time as me.
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IDM Super Slow for Premium Site Logins, Rapidshare, Netload & Extabit
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