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Locking Start screen on 2nd monitor

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    Locking Start screen on 2nd monitor

    I can't figure it out, and as such I am assuming this rather obvious feature is not available on 8.
    I would like my start screen to stay maximized on my second display while I work on my main display. Every time I have start open on my 2nd monitor and click on the primary monitor start minimizes. I don't get the point of this, and as suggestion would be appreciated.

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    No answers on this? I installed 8 about 2 hours ago and I was blown away I couldn't find an option for this. Seems very obvious for 2 monitor setups. Having the start screen static on monitor 2 would make up for not having widgets big time.
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    Yeah it's incredible that this isn't available.
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    The "modern" start screen is just like the "old" start screen after you select something it disappears/fades away. My start screen spans across 2 monitors so I don't run into this issue. This subject has been discussed before here

    In short no you can't force the modern start screen to stay "Always stay on top"
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Locking Start screen on 2nd monitor
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