Hi everyone
Please especially if you are a developer PLEASE PLEASE avoid this new trend of making the software so dumbed down that if there is a problem with it you won't have a smidgen of a chance of fixing it.

Acronis 2013 -- fine when it works but if I need to change the output directory of the image file -- no way jose.

Can anybody provide screenshots of how to change the name from MyBackups. -- I want to use my own system such as Oct312012.backup.tib or whatever.

I loved acronis from version 9 (Acronis TrueImage) but like most programs they don't seem to leave well alone when it's working fine and the latest GUI's are a real mess compared with the clean and simple selections offered in rel 9.

Same with Nero --now a helpless piece of bloatware -- similar examples all over the place.

If it ain't broke --PLEASE DON'T FIX IT.

Why can't the developers just leave the "bog standard" windows file selection system used by Windows Explorer. |All this new stuff that runs invisibly in the background is a DISASTER ZONE when something breaks.